Alumni Community Band to honor Mr. Curtis Pierce

Mr. Pierce

Mr. Pierce

Thursday, July 4, history will get a chance to repeat itself when the band alumni are invited to meet at  the Village Square and once again have the enjoyment of playing under the direction of Curtis Pierce. Everyone will get the chance to relive the fond memories of playing for a large crowd of people coming to town on a Saturday night.

We encourage all band alumni to come and welcome Mr. Pierce back to direct us.  Even though you might not have played after high school still feel free to come join in with fellow band members on this special occasion.

The current plan is to play the “Star Spangled Banner”, the “Minnesota Rouser school song”, and possibly one more selection to be determined. Wayne Huselid would be willing to send you a scan of your instrument part if so desired.

Please note that the initial practice for the Alumni Band has been moved from June 27 to Tuesday, July 2 7:00 P.M. in the band room at the Clinton School. Practice will also be held on 4:00 on the 4th in the same location.  This is only tentative so keep posted in case there is need of further changes.
Again, don’t worry if the old instrument has cobwebs or the lips are a little rusty…1/2 the fun will be getting together.

Questions or suggestions — please contact Wayne Huselid.  Email: cell: 320-760-3117 or 320-325-5919.

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